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“Freeman Gottschall Experiences One or Two More or Less Improbable Events” by Joshua D. Graber c. 2016 (pages 153-181 in Glimmer Train)

This short story centers on the random events that impact the protagonist Freeman Gottschall, who was a student of the famed Edward Lorenz, known in popular culture for chaos theory and the “butterfly effect.” Although the story is short, it … Continue reading

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Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue c. 2016 (382 pages—Random House)

Set primarily in NYC during the subprime mortgage crisis, Mbue deftly shows the intersecting stories of two very different families: the Edwards and the Jongas. The Edwards are stoic Americans who want to maintain their lifestyle and keep up appearances. … Continue reading

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Blackass by A. Ignori Barrett c. 2015 (262 pages–Graywolf Press)

The main character, Furo, a black man, wakes up to discover he’s white. The story, set in Lagos (Nigeria), is a relevant reimagining of Kafka’s Metamorphosis that resonates with modern readers. Sentences Worth Studying “Furo Wariboko awoke this morning to … Continue reading

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