*about the blog*

When I read, I want the familiar to be “made strange”; I want the mundane to appear magical. What I’m seeking is not a new world, but new eyes. This blog is a haphazard collection of my best defense against the cataracts that keep clouding my vision–as I work and age and witness suffering, as I try my best to not become numb. And although I may have misappropriated a term from the Russian Formalists (or was it the Romantics?), I don’t find the Formalist consideration of texts (or sentences, for that matter) as self-contained units to be preferable, or even possible. If one wants to experience the full impact of these excerpts, (s)he must seek the full text and consider the work within its larger cultural and temporal context.

Theory aside, we all know that many great sentences do not necessarily add up to a great story, but I will leave the task of evaluation and interpretation to others. In this blog, my goal is neither to summarize, analyze, nor theorize. I simply wish to share the sentences that have moved me as a reader and as a writer.

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